Garbage & Oceans

Global Impact

Marine biodiversity is dwindling, gradually being lost around the world. We must collectively take action to save species from extinction. Otherwise, in just a few decades, a quarter of all species will be extinct.

There are many causes for the disappearance, including habitat destruction through fishing, poaching, marine pollution, eutrophication, and of course climate change and the resulting change in water temperature and salinity of the oceans. Without healthy oceans, there would be no life on Earth. They form our life support system: regulating weather and climate and by providing more than half of the world's oxygen.

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71 %
Of earth's surface is under water!
> 2.500 Tonnen
of waste produced per day worldwide
1 Earth
that's all we have to live on
We did it!

Thanks to your support, the water quality in the Quaramara Bay is safe again!

Our new water quality check ups for the Quaramara Bay show that we are back in the green zone! Thanks to your support we were able to confirm that every indicator of the water quality is now in the safe range for the first time since our first measurement 14 months ago!

You can find the detailed report in the annual report!

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